In Cancer Foundation Hospital we are dealing with all solid malignancies, lymphomas and myeloma. Here we are providing cost effective quality chemotherapy medicine under supervision of qualified doctors and trained nursing staff.

Breast Cancer:

As we all know breast is the most common cancer in female and its incidence is increasing day by day but with recent advances in the management of breast, its morbidity and mortality as reduce substantially. In CFH we provide total solutions to the management of Breast Cancer by a team of doctors including breast surgeon, medical oncologist physical and rehab therapist, psychologist and counsellors. We also dealing with post treatment complication such as neuropathy, lymphedema management.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

The cancers of the Gastrointestinal tract (GI), Pancreas, Liver and the Biliary tree (HPB) put together for one the largest volume of the cancer burden. Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Oncology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with these cancers. Most of these cancers require multimodality treatment comprising of various subspecialties like GI and HPB Surgical Oncology, radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology. The GI oncology team also has ancillary specialists like Nutritionists, Pain managers, Stoma therapist, Physical and Rehab therapist, Psychologists and Counsellors.

Head & Neck Cancer

The majority of head and neck cancers are treated by surgery or radiation or radiation along with chemotherapy or a combination of all three modalities. Surgery involves the removal of cancer along with a rim of normal tissue all around.

The majority of times removal of the cancer is immediately followed by plastic reconstructive surgery.

Gynecological Cancer

The Gynecologic oncology services offers an integrated approach to the diagnosis and surgical management of women’s cancers of the reproductive system. These include cervical cancer, ovarian cancer(includes fallopian tube and peritoneal) , uterine cancer, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer of the female reproductive system.